Monday, June 13, 2005

What is up with the humidity???

Being someone who was raised in the desert like air of Los Angeles and having spent a few summers in certain tropical places like Hawaii and the Philippines, I am no stranger to heat and humidity. But I don't know why I was unprepared for the unbearable humidity and heat of this weeks New England Humid Heat Wave. It wouldn't be so bad if there were trade winds like in Hawaii or the Philippines but the air STANDS STILL out here!!! I'm so hot I feel like dying! Ok, I'm exaggerating. But it is damned hot.

Maybe it's because I went from rain rain rain out here in Massachusetts before going out to Los Angeles for a two week visit where it was June gloom gloom gloom and then plopped myself back here on the East Coast to this humid heat hell. I guess I was unprepared. Wow. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like on the T right now. All the crazies could be out in force! I'd hate to be on a train with no a/c like one day a couple of months ago where it got to about 80 degrees unexpectedly and I had the unfortunate luck of getting on a train with no a/c. I could have gotten off and taken another train. But I didn't. I subjected myself to the stifling air and suffered with others too lazy or too hot to take another train. Luckily no stinky people on the train that day. But the fact that it was so damned hot and no one complained about the broken air conditioning on that red line train was pretty interesting. Why didn't I say anything? Too hot. Too lazy. Most likely, too tired.

Anywho... took a break from blogging to go to LA. It was nice but I was bummed that I couldn't lay out and work on my tan. Too cold. I'm turning into the Pasty Philippina!!! Time for some (gasp! dare I say it?) self tanning lotion!!!! EEEEEK!!!

Next post I'll tell you about Nail Clipper Lady. I'm too hot to write anymore. I'm waiting for a thunderstorm to cool off this melting Flip Chick...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

T Peeps

Cowboy Man sighted on the green line last night on my way to class.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Somerville is kind of cool...

So I went into the city last night, Somerville, to be exact. I think it's only about 15 minutes out from Boston. Got to go over the Zakim Bridge the funky new bridge in Boston that connects, well, actually I don't know what it connects, but it's pretty cool. One of the things that has come out of Boston's "Big Dig". It's a pretty cool looking suspension bridge but this last winter there was a news report about huge icicles falling from the top of the bridge and hitting the cars passing by underneath. Pretty damned scary. Not sure if anyone was killed (don't think so) but I know there were a few accidents as a result of falling ice.

Anway, Somerville is pretty cool. Cute houses nice streets. Lot's of character. Apparently there's a good side and a bad side. I was on the good side in a neighborhood where Matt Damon's mother still lives and within close proximity of a place called Vinnie's something or other. Can't remember the whole name, but I do remember the Vinnie's. Good food. HUGE GARGANTUAN PORTIONS. You could feed a small family of Vietnamese refugees with one entree. And their "side" of pasta is a meal for three of my aunts! Needless to say, I did not finish my dinner. My dog Spencer got the rest of my steak. Yes, I went to an Italian restaurant and had the rib eye. But I did have a "side" of ziti! The fried calimari were awesome and the antipasto was, as Tony says, GRRRRRRREEEAT! Personal note to my friend Robbie: I think I may have found your dark haired, Irish chicka at this place. She was one of the waitresses and she had a THICK ASS ACCENT!

So Vinnie's is a convenience store/sub shop but in the back is a cool cozy little restaurant! Think 7-11 with a menu if you venture toward the back past the drinks. Rumor has it the local mafioso's hang there during the day (eg. Tony Soprano and gang chillin' at Satrial's (sp?).

I would highly recommend this place. It's yum!

Ok, I'm procrastinating again. Two more finals to go!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Funkiness abounds

So I just posted my "clarification" post and when I went to view it on the blog page, I didn't see it! It comes up only when you hit the link on the Archives section. I don't get it and the main reason I'm writing this additional post is to see what the hell is going to happen with this one. Will it float off into the unknown? Puzzling...

Ok, so I completed all 25 of my drawings. Disappointed because I know I learned practically nothing in that class. I hate using charcoal and frankly, even after an extra long "scrubby" shower today, I STILL can't get all the charcoal off my hands. I also have some major laundry and cleaning to do here. Oh well. At least that class is over with. I'm going to take a basic drawing class at Quincy College this summer, I think.

My friend Sarah and I drove into the city to get to class on time. Nine bucks for parking! And that's only after 4 pm. Before that it's 25 BUCKS! YIKES! After class we dropped off our other friend Ashley who lives in Allston (pretty cool) and drove back home. My navigation system on my car naturally took us a funky way and we ended up having to go through the Mass Pike toll booth. This time I paid a whole dollar. All in all it took me ten bucks to turn in a crappy project to a class I didn't enjoy taking but worked my ass off in. So, no T adventure this week (with exception to Crazy Hat Lady earlier this week) although I do have to go into the city this weekend to take pictures of the Gehry building at MIT for my Photoshop final.

I have two more final projects to do before the end of the semester. Two perspective drawings of a double room (living/dining) with stairs, etc. that I get to design! Time to break out the old Graphic Standards book to get the correct measurements for certain things (doorways, windows, ceiling heights, etc.) to ensure that my project will not get red lined by a planner because it's not to code! I like Perspective class. It's fun. My other final is a Photoshop 2 final, but frankly, this is another disappointing class. It's more like Photography than photoshop. We haven't learned anything more in this class than in my Photoshop 1 class. Whatever. I've been nominated by my teacher in this class to get architecture accreditation for the NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board). I'm an Interior Design Student. It seems my teacher also doesn't listen. Well, it couldn't hurt and I'm going to submit my original work to the Manager of Education when the class is over. That is pretty cool, though.

Ok, back to work.


I'm sure some of you are wondering why I've titled this blog Adventures of a Boston Baked Beanie because as I've stated in my first entry, I'm not originally from "Bahston". The answer is really not that interesting but I'll tell you anyway:

Years ago I worked at a record store with a woman who called me Teenie (short for Christine) simply because I was shorter than she was. It stuck. For years everyone called me Teenie. I moved to Laguna Beach and worked for the City Building Dept. and met an architect there (Daniel Martinez - still my friend and my mentor) who dubbed me Beanie. Not sure why but there you go. My new nickname, Beanie. No one calls me Teenie anymore, except Charles on occasion, but Daniel still calls me Beanie. I signed an email "Boston Baked Beanie" because I now live here and though I don't "bake" anymore (sun or lsd) it just kind of fit in with the theme, you know? I liked it, I named my new blog. There you go. Story done.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One of my crappy charcoal drawings of my rice cooker. I'm starting to run out of different ways to look @ this thing. Got rice?


Someone please kill me...

I won't be mad, really. Put me out of my misery now. The only consoling thought is... Damn. There is no consoling thought.

So, any takers?

Oh, and by the way, my hands are now so black from clutching the charcoal death sticks so tightly that when I go to wash my hands, THEY STAY BLACK! VERY unattractive.

Charcoal and Coffee

I have approximately ten hours to complete 19 charcoal drawings of my rice cooker. Think I can do it? If I'm not so discriminating about the beauty of my crap ass drawings, then I could do this in five hours. As it stands, I have 6 drawings that pass for decent and about 15 in the trash. I'd be done by now if I didn't suck so badly at this. I hate charcoal. I don't have the control over a stupid charcoal stick like I do with a pencil or pen. Yuck!

No crazies on the train yesterday. But I did notice Adidas Man. Adidas jacket, Adidas shirt, adidas sweat pants, Adidas shoes, Adidas gym bag... I wouldn't be surprised if he had on adidas socks and undies too! The only thing on him that wasn't Adidas was his hat. Patriots hat. BUT, the color scheme fit the whole ensemble. I hope he was coming from the gym because if not, damn dude...

Kind of reminded me of my sister. She loves the Adidas too. I'm sure if she could find an Adidas power suit for work she'd be all over that like white on rice (Rice Cooker, argh!!!).

Ok, going to get an injection of caffiene and then it's back to the drawing board. Literally.

Hope I experience no crazies today. I have to bring in food for class (long disinterersting story) and I really don't need someone on the T asking me for some hummus.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Just getting started...

... and no time to post.

I'm in the middle of charcoal drawing hell. 25 drawings (12x12) of my rice cooker. Exciting it is not and I am finding new and unique ways of procrastinating. This is one of them. Start a new Blog! I've only got another two hours before heading off into the city to go to class and show my teacher that I am struggling with the concept of stairs in perspective. Boring to you all, I know, so let's get down to it.

I'm starting this Blog because as a transplant from Los Angeles, Home of Gridlock and possibly the newest subway in America, I find that I now drive less and take public transportaion more. I go to school in Boston. I live in the South Shore. So, the subway is my carrier of choice. Being someone who has never really taken the subway (LA's subway system is kind of a joke) I am now in a position to observe all kinds of people I normally would have just driven by. I'm also discovering that a lot of those people are very strange and love to talk to unassuming women on the train who happen to be carrying huge porfolios or drawing tubes. The opening line of choice seems to be, "Are you an artist?" Needless to say, I have an interesting story every singl week. I've been here four months and not a week has gone by where something completely nutty will either happen to me or someone else on the T.

This Blog is about those people.

I must return to my drawings but let me tell you about yesterday... Crazy woman on the Red Line. I'm coming home from school and trying to draw in my sketch book (I've taken to drawing sleeping people on the train to pass the time) when Crazy Big Hat Woman gets on at Downtown Crossing and then proceeds to yell at me and the guy sitting next to me.

"What are you doing on my train?!" she yells. "Get off my train!"

She was angry. Yes, she was. If she hadn't have started yelling I would have thought her just another commuter and thought nothing of her except consider drawing her in her massive hat. Anyway, I did nothing. Kind of looked away, stared at my sketch book which had a partially drawn picture of some guy's shoes, and muttered something like, "I'm sorry." What a puss am I!!! The guy next to me moved. I would have followed but I didn't. I wasn't done with the shoes! Luckily she moved on to someone on the other side of the car and then got off two stops later.

I'll fill you all in on the other Crazies from weeks previous after finals are done!