Saturday, May 14, 2005

Somerville is kind of cool...

So I went into the city last night, Somerville, to be exact. I think it's only about 15 minutes out from Boston. Got to go over the Zakim Bridge the funky new bridge in Boston that connects, well, actually I don't know what it connects, but it's pretty cool. One of the things that has come out of Boston's "Big Dig". It's a pretty cool looking suspension bridge but this last winter there was a news report about huge icicles falling from the top of the bridge and hitting the cars passing by underneath. Pretty damned scary. Not sure if anyone was killed (don't think so) but I know there were a few accidents as a result of falling ice.

Anway, Somerville is pretty cool. Cute houses nice streets. Lot's of character. Apparently there's a good side and a bad side. I was on the good side in a neighborhood where Matt Damon's mother still lives and within close proximity of a place called Vinnie's something or other. Can't remember the whole name, but I do remember the Vinnie's. Good food. HUGE GARGANTUAN PORTIONS. You could feed a small family of Vietnamese refugees with one entree. And their "side" of pasta is a meal for three of my aunts! Needless to say, I did not finish my dinner. My dog Spencer got the rest of my steak. Yes, I went to an Italian restaurant and had the rib eye. But I did have a "side" of ziti! The fried calimari were awesome and the antipasto was, as Tony says, GRRRRRRREEEAT! Personal note to my friend Robbie: I think I may have found your dark haired, Irish chicka at this place. She was one of the waitresses and she had a THICK ASS ACCENT!

So Vinnie's is a convenience store/sub shop but in the back is a cool cozy little restaurant! Think 7-11 with a menu if you venture toward the back past the drinks. Rumor has it the local mafioso's hang there during the day (eg. Tony Soprano and gang chillin' at Satrial's (sp?).

I would highly recommend this place. It's yum!

Ok, I'm procrastinating again. Two more finals to go!


Cathy said...

Now, did you remember the "Vinnie's" because your brother in law is Vinnie? I didn't know you did a weblog. I probably would too, but have you seen my web page lately? Still looks about the same as before November. I'M LAZY! We had big portions too. But I'll save that story for when you come home and I see you.. MISS YOU LOTS!!

Anonymous said...

Well that's progress.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Vinnie Testas... but I'm not sure...
Yay for being done with school.. &
I think I'm gonna get drunk on Saturday... so call me.