Thursday, May 12, 2005

Funkiness abounds

So I just posted my "clarification" post and when I went to view it on the blog page, I didn't see it! It comes up only when you hit the link on the Archives section. I don't get it and the main reason I'm writing this additional post is to see what the hell is going to happen with this one. Will it float off into the unknown? Puzzling...

Ok, so I completed all 25 of my drawings. Disappointed because I know I learned practically nothing in that class. I hate using charcoal and frankly, even after an extra long "scrubby" shower today, I STILL can't get all the charcoal off my hands. I also have some major laundry and cleaning to do here. Oh well. At least that class is over with. I'm going to take a basic drawing class at Quincy College this summer, I think.

My friend Sarah and I drove into the city to get to class on time. Nine bucks for parking! And that's only after 4 pm. Before that it's 25 BUCKS! YIKES! After class we dropped off our other friend Ashley who lives in Allston (pretty cool) and drove back home. My navigation system on my car naturally took us a funky way and we ended up having to go through the Mass Pike toll booth. This time I paid a whole dollar. All in all it took me ten bucks to turn in a crappy project to a class I didn't enjoy taking but worked my ass off in. So, no T adventure this week (with exception to Crazy Hat Lady earlier this week) although I do have to go into the city this weekend to take pictures of the Gehry building at MIT for my Photoshop final.

I have two more final projects to do before the end of the semester. Two perspective drawings of a double room (living/dining) with stairs, etc. that I get to design! Time to break out the old Graphic Standards book to get the correct measurements for certain things (doorways, windows, ceiling heights, etc.) to ensure that my project will not get red lined by a planner because it's not to code! I like Perspective class. It's fun. My other final is a Photoshop 2 final, but frankly, this is another disappointing class. It's more like Photography than photoshop. We haven't learned anything more in this class than in my Photoshop 1 class. Whatever. I've been nominated by my teacher in this class to get architecture accreditation for the NAAB (National Architectural Accrediting Board). I'm an Interior Design Student. It seems my teacher also doesn't listen. Well, it couldn't hurt and I'm going to submit my original work to the Manager of Education when the class is over. That is pretty cool, though.

Ok, back to work.

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