Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Charcoal and Coffee

I have approximately ten hours to complete 19 charcoal drawings of my rice cooker. Think I can do it? If I'm not so discriminating about the beauty of my crap ass drawings, then I could do this in five hours. As it stands, I have 6 drawings that pass for decent and about 15 in the trash. I'd be done by now if I didn't suck so badly at this. I hate charcoal. I don't have the control over a stupid charcoal stick like I do with a pencil or pen. Yuck!

No crazies on the train yesterday. But I did notice Adidas Man. Adidas jacket, Adidas shirt, adidas sweat pants, Adidas shoes, Adidas gym bag... I wouldn't be surprised if he had on adidas socks and undies too! The only thing on him that wasn't Adidas was his hat. Patriots hat. BUT, the color scheme fit the whole ensemble. I hope he was coming from the gym because if not, damn dude...

Kind of reminded me of my sister. She loves the Adidas too. I'm sure if she could find an Adidas power suit for work she'd be all over that like white on rice (Rice Cooker, argh!!!).

Ok, going to get an injection of caffiene and then it's back to the drawing board. Literally.

Hope I experience no crazies today. I have to bring in food for class (long disinterersting story) and I really don't need someone on the T asking me for some hummus.

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