Thursday, May 12, 2005


I'm sure some of you are wondering why I've titled this blog Adventures of a Boston Baked Beanie because as I've stated in my first entry, I'm not originally from "Bahston". The answer is really not that interesting but I'll tell you anyway:

Years ago I worked at a record store with a woman who called me Teenie (short for Christine) simply because I was shorter than she was. It stuck. For years everyone called me Teenie. I moved to Laguna Beach and worked for the City Building Dept. and met an architect there (Daniel Martinez - still my friend and my mentor) who dubbed me Beanie. Not sure why but there you go. My new nickname, Beanie. No one calls me Teenie anymore, except Charles on occasion, but Daniel still calls me Beanie. I signed an email "Boston Baked Beanie" because I now live here and though I don't "bake" anymore (sun or lsd) it just kind of fit in with the theme, you know? I liked it, I named my new blog. There you go. Story done.

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