Monday, May 09, 2005

Just getting started...

... and no time to post.

I'm in the middle of charcoal drawing hell. 25 drawings (12x12) of my rice cooker. Exciting it is not and I am finding new and unique ways of procrastinating. This is one of them. Start a new Blog! I've only got another two hours before heading off into the city to go to class and show my teacher that I am struggling with the concept of stairs in perspective. Boring to you all, I know, so let's get down to it.

I'm starting this Blog because as a transplant from Los Angeles, Home of Gridlock and possibly the newest subway in America, I find that I now drive less and take public transportaion more. I go to school in Boston. I live in the South Shore. So, the subway is my carrier of choice. Being someone who has never really taken the subway (LA's subway system is kind of a joke) I am now in a position to observe all kinds of people I normally would have just driven by. I'm also discovering that a lot of those people are very strange and love to talk to unassuming women on the train who happen to be carrying huge porfolios or drawing tubes. The opening line of choice seems to be, "Are you an artist?" Needless to say, I have an interesting story every singl week. I've been here four months and not a week has gone by where something completely nutty will either happen to me or someone else on the T.

This Blog is about those people.

I must return to my drawings but let me tell you about yesterday... Crazy woman on the Red Line. I'm coming home from school and trying to draw in my sketch book (I've taken to drawing sleeping people on the train to pass the time) when Crazy Big Hat Woman gets on at Downtown Crossing and then proceeds to yell at me and the guy sitting next to me.

"What are you doing on my train?!" she yells. "Get off my train!"

She was angry. Yes, she was. If she hadn't have started yelling I would have thought her just another commuter and thought nothing of her except consider drawing her in her massive hat. Anyway, I did nothing. Kind of looked away, stared at my sketch book which had a partially drawn picture of some guy's shoes, and muttered something like, "I'm sorry." What a puss am I!!! The guy next to me moved. I would have followed but I didn't. I wasn't done with the shoes! Luckily she moved on to someone on the other side of the car and then got off two stops later.

I'll fill you all in on the other Crazies from weeks previous after finals are done!

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Back to the bloture! You're weird!